Environmentally Friendly Cleaners Are The Future

Want a clean commercial space but worried about exposing employees, visitors, and clients to toxic chemicals? Heard comments that your facility is not well sanitized? You can’t fix either of these issues with a few random janitors. What you need is an eco-friendly cleaning team.

Pick a green commercial cleaning services phoenix that doesn’t charge the additional cost for being environmentally conscious. You shouldn’t get charged extra for wanting to keep a facility safe. It’s your choice if you wish to sign an ongoing contract, do a one time or regular servicing for the space that needs cleaning.

Quality air issues are also a concern. Many cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds in closed environments that can cause headaches, respiratory irritations, and other symptoms not conducive to a favorable occupation situation. Children or people with compromised immune systems are the most vulnerable. Pick a service that prioritizes using chemicals that are safe for each commercial building.

Ensure that their employees are certified and trained to use the equipment provided. Please find out the details of the program used and their background history. They should know proper disposal techniques, handling the right chemicals, and treatment of waste and recycling.

A green cleaning service should have chemicals safe to use in both open and enclosed spaces. Check if their chemicals are non-toxic, fragrance-free, certified as adequate by other industry sources, and no known carcinogens. You can also ensure that they avoid overuse, color coding to prevent cross-contamination, and minimize waste with dilution control.

green commercial cleaning services phoenix

Always ask about additional services like using UV-C light to help sanitize viruses and dust mites, identifying sources of contamination and pollution, and create a green cleaning plan for your facility. Why struggle to keep your commercial space clean and safe when can all professional cleaners instead?